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Air NZ & Menzies Aviation have adopted Springbelt

Air NZ & Menzies Aviation have adopted Springbelt for Ground Service Equipment on many airports throughout New Zealand This appears to have had a marked change in HABIT

Wertgen in NZ , AB Equipment Ltd, Centra Forklifts Ltd, Cable Price (Hitachi), CROWN, Jungheinrich and many other equipment suppliers are consistently re-ordering SPRINGBELTS as customers discover the significant improvement in use and compliance

Fulton Hogan Ltd, a major NZ construction company trading in both NZ and Australia specifies

SPRINGBELT as their preferred operator restraint and asks machinery suppliers to quote for new plant fitted with SPRINGBELT Fulton Hogan’s Professional Plant Engineer Graham Eaton writes to a hire plant supplier:

As the preferred hire equipment supplier to Fulton it is important that you understand our plant need and objectives.

For the last 3 years I have been demanding and driving a change to Springbelt seatbelts across the board on construction equipment to force our operators to wear seatbelts. Unfortunately it is not just enough to fit a belt and hope they wear it in today’s OSH environment. We have had a few instances where these belts have saved our people and I have no problem having our plant suppliers change the OEM belts for this belt at an additional cost of $300 – $400.

With confidence, I know, where we have a Springbelt fitted, the operator is wearing the seatbelt.

To ensure your hire fleet align with our needs I ask that you seriously consider this device on your fleet, thus ensuring seamless integration with our fleet.

Graham Eatonï Mechanical Engineer ï Fulton Hogan Ltd ï 29 Sir William Pickering Drive, PO Box 39185, Christchurch, 8545.

Ext 3668 Phone +64 3357 3668 Fax +64 3357 1450 Mobile +64 274 357 010 Web


In 2012 Qantas searched for a way to have seat belts actually used on their Ground Service Equipment (GSE), and after discovering the Springbelt, Qantas took a trial order of some 200 or so Springbelts for testing on their Melbourne Airport GSE Plant. Following this success with this trial Qantas have installed thousands of Springbelt restraints at Australian airports.

Important for NZ Customers

INDUSTRIAL SEATBELTS LTD and  Seat Belt Sales Ltd in Christchurch have teamed up as from 1 December 2014
Seat Belt Sales Ltd has purchased a significant shareholding  in Industrial Seatbelts Ltd who have relocated to Christchurch.
Mr Doug Pflaum has been appointed  Managing Director of Industrial Seatbelts Ltd.

Company name and Banking details remain unchanged.

Don Wilkinson  remains a Director and will also remain involved in some aspects of the Business
The move is to offer a wider range of products, Industrial  and  Automotive and at the same time allow growth  with improved business systems.
Don thanks his Customers for their loyalty and friendship in the past and looks forward to providing  even better service in the future

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Inwards goods to :-
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Distributors and Stockists Required

Distributors and Stockists Required in Australia USA and Europe

Interested parties are asked to contact:-
Chris Sweetman, General Manager
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Air New Zealand buys SPRINGBELT for ground equipment

Air NZ has trialled SPRINGBELTS at AucklandAirport on Ground Service Equipment (GSE) and as a result has embarked on a nationwide installation of SPRINGBELTs on allGSE tugs and tractors.

Air NZ reports that these seat belts have changed their culture with respect to seat belt compliance

Following a very favourable response from Auckland Airport (AIAL) MENZIES AVIATION LTD who provide Ground Services to many other Airlines operating through Auckland, has launched into a similar programme of SPRINGBELTs on their GSE plant.

Qantas in Australia has been using SPRINGBELTs on GSE for a number of years and is still a regular customer.


have stipulated SPRINGBELT for all “non- cab” plant in this major project and may review the policy regarding other plant with on-site experience.

On non-cab plant, rollers and smaller plant the operator is likely to mount and dismount frequently and SPRINGBELT makes compliance easier.

Message for the TOP Managers

You are, without doubt, very concerned about the
safety of staff.
You probably expect your Fork Drivers to use seat belts consistently
They may tell you they do.
But maybe they DON’T!
Even with Switch buckles and Seat switches they probably
connect the buckle and sit on it. Common practice.

SPRINGBELT- ultimate makes it so convenient the
objection goes away.
AND at the day’s end you can tell by looking at the machine.
It’s still sticking up? Almost certainly was used . Confirmation

SPRINGBELT- ultimate Simple Safety.

APV Safety Products Pty Ltd
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