Increasing awareness of the need for improved industrial safety has brought more rigid regulation worldwide along with greater corporate and personal responsibility.

Roll Over Structures (ROPS) and other protection features have been mandated by regulators, and while new equipment generally include these changes, the industry has failed to completely change the habits of drivers and operators. Throughout the world seat belts are still commonly ignored.

SPRINGBELTS meets this challenge head-on with a simple and effective solution, providing drivers and operators a quick, easy and highly visible way to increased safety, as well as providing management with an easy way to monitor their use. The three significant benefits from using SPRINGBELTS are now being discovered and incorporated by safety conscious companies all around the world.

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SPRINGBELT invented, developed and proven in New Zealand over a period of some 14 years has addressed the reasons operators commonly fail to use seat belts.

SPRINGBELT easy and quick to use, has lifted compliance in companies from NZ, Australia and the USA and is being introduced now in Europe.

SPRINGBELT does get used for 2 main reasons. It’s easy to use and it’s hard to neglect.