About Us

SPRINGBELTS are distributed by Industrial Seatbelts Ltd (ISL) a private company which operates in conjunction with Seatbelt Sales (NZ) Ltd (SSL) from their base in central Christchurch.

With staff and management having nearly a hundred years of experience between them in the seatbelt industry there are not many things that they have not seen before, and with close association to the only licensed seatbelt manufacturer in NZ, they are best placed to solve all your seatbelt problems.

With opportunities apparent in a wide range of industries ISL is expanding distribution of SPRINGBELTS into all the corners of the globe, as ongoing issues with the actual use of seatbelts remain widespread in vehicles from mechanical construction plant to material handling.

Background History

Don Wilkinson, a Construction engineer with experience dating back to the late 1950’s and founder of WILKINSON SMITH CONTRACTORS Limited in AUCKLAND was appointed Chairman Auckland Branch of the NZ Contractors Federation in 1997 – 98 at a time when the NZ Government mandated Roll Over Protection structures and compulsory seatbelts in mobile mechanical plant and construction machinery.

He understood that if operators failed to actually wear seatbelts there would be very little improvement to safety, so Don put his mind to the causes of driver resistance. It became very apparent that the seatbelts, as originally configured, were difficult to use frequently, sometimes hard to find and easy to overlook. He came up with the SPRINGBELT concept, whereby the seatbelt remained erect when not in use. The design is much quicker and easier to use and the concept of it being a nuisance and frustrating when NOT used, is the basis the of significant benefits they now provide.

Don retired from the construction industry and in 2015 sold a substantial shareholding in ISL to Seat Belt Sales Ltd (SSL).

INDUSTRIAL SEATBELTS LTD is now operated in conjunction with SSL. This way one outlet serves both the industrial and automotive sectors with the widest range of occupant restraints available in the country.

Born from Construction

Managing Director
Doug Pflaum

Don Wilkinson