Why Springbelt

In recent years there has been an increasing awareness of the need for improved industrial safety management and more rigid regulation world wide.

This has brought changes in operator protection on tractors and earthmovers. Roll Over Structures (ROPS) and other protection has been introduced and mandated by regulators and new equipment generally includes the changes. Without the actual use of the seat belts, the ROPS protection is largely ineffective. A person leaping from a rolling machine seldom falls up hill and even with the ROPS frame, will likely be crushed beneath the machine or the ROPS frame. The common assumption from the past, that it is preferable to jump, has been proven tragically false. Hundreds are killed and injured throughout the world from falling out, where it is very infrequent that someone restrained within the protection of a ROPS frame is hurt.The Stats are overwhelming.

Reasons for the reluctance are many but heading the list is frustration with the type and design of the seat belts provided even on new plant from the factory. With the buckle commonly tucked down beside the seat, it can be very difficult to access, particularly when the operator wears heavy wet weather clothing and dismounts frequently. No one can be expected to buckle up a seat belt which may take 30 seconds when they have to do it up to 20 times an hour.

It is just too difficult Electric switch buckles just make things worse since they don’t address the main problem.

SPRINGBELT makes using a seat belt quick and easy. Placing emphasis on using the belt.

SPRINGBELT will become a HABIT