Our product

SPRINGBELT the easy – to use – seat belt is supplied in varying combinations depending on the machine to which it is intended

SPRINGBELT with a 50 mm Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR)

For Fork Trucks, Farm Tractors, Road Rollers Where the operator has to rotate in the seat for frequent reversing (Retractor is free running until the machines tilts)

SPRINGBELT with a 50 mm Auto- Locking Retractor (2ALR)

For lighter duty on Excavators and Earthmoving plant. Where the operator generally faces forward only. ALR will lock instantly on being pulled out.

SPRINGBELT with 75 mm Auto – Locking Retractor (3ALR)

For maximum heavy duty restraint on Construction and Forestry and Mining plant Where the operator faces forward and maximum protection in rugged conditions is needed. Again the ALR will lock instantly it is pulled out

SPRINGBELT with non- retracting 75 mm belt held in the SPRINGBELT Holster

For heavy duty restraint where there is insufficient space (70 mm ) on the left of the seat for an ALR Suited for dozers and loaders and agricultural tractors. The Holster prevents the seat belt from falling away under the seat. This belt is adjustable and can be left a little loose to allow the operator to turn in the seat when reversing. Seat Tether Strap Kit to secure suspension seats to the floor in the event of a roll over

These are a legal requirement with Suspension Seats in many areas and are frequently fitted by OEM.